Lawyers’ Order calls on CSM to deal with exploitation of judiciary


The National Order of Tunisian Lawyers (ONAT), on Tuesday, called on the Supreme Judicial Council (CSM) and the Ministry of Justice to deal with all deviations and attempts to exploit the judiciary for political ends and to put it away from cleavages and political in infighting.

In a statement Tuesday on the arrest of presidential candidate Nabil Karoui over charges of corruption, ONAT warned against “the seriousness of overtly or implicitly undermining the principles of the Constitution and to exploit institutions”.

“The deviation noticed in processes, power and procedures has resulted in hasty arrest, which has raised a great deal of controversy among human rights defenders, on its legality and legitimacy,” reads the statement.

The Bar Association also called on lawmakers and the government to involve all parties concerned, including lawyers, in the reform of the judicial system and the revision of the texts of criminal procedures.

To this end, it is necessary to modernise those texts in such a way as to facilitate their application by magistrates and lawyers.

ONAT emphasised the imperative of taking into account the social, legal and moral dimensions of the fight against corruption and crime, while working to ensure the equality of all in the judiciary.

It also stressed the need to respect procedures to provide fair trial guarantees in accordance with

The detention warrant issued by the indictment division at the Tunis Court of Appeal against president of “Qalb Tounes” (Heart of Tunisia) party and presidential candidate Nabil Karoui and his arrest last Friday sparked a great controversy, including about the legality of judicial and security proceedings.

Source: Tunisia Africa Press


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