HAICA determined to complete legal measures for unlicensed channels


The Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HAICA) is determined to complete the legal measures relating to channels that do not have a license to operate.

The regulator calls on state institutions to assume their role and to apply the law without hesitation and without regard to partisan interests and political calculations.

The HAICA insists in a statement issued Tuesday on the respect of the law as regards the measures relating to illegal media and the need to proceed with a decision on this issue without flinching.

The authority warns against the attempts of some audiovisual media owners to involve journalists in political conflicts and agendas, which may undermine the credibility of professionals and to prevent them from carrying out their mission and their contribution to enhancing the democratic process, according to it.

The professional structures are called to protect the sector and speed up the establishment of a press council, stresses the HAICA which also insists on the pressing need to activate the mechanisms of self-regulation within press organisations.

It added that all journalists and stakeholders involved in the production of media content are required to respect journalistic ethics and the criteria for objective election coverage.

HAICA also emphasised the role of civil society in monitoring the elections while working to clean up the electoral climate by barring the road to attempts by some suspected networks to disrupt elections.

HAICA said it published this release amid the effects of the arrest of the owner of private television channel Nessma TV Nabil Karoui over suspected corruption marked by the serious violations recorded by this media outlet that ”used its cameras to mislead the public opinion and make propaganda for the benefit of its owner.”

Source: Tunisia Africa Press


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