Presidential election: Hechmi Hamdi’s supporters protest outside ISIE headquarters


Supporters of Hechmi Hamdi, president of Al-Mahaba and candidate in the early presidential election, on Wednesday, observed a protest outside the headquarters of the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE) to denounce what they call “restrictions” on their candidate.

Protesters called on the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE) to allow their candidate to finance his campaign with his own resources or to obtain a loan from Tunisian banks as stipulated by the electoral law.

They also call for allowing private television channel Al Mustakillah, owned by Hechmi Hamdi, to cover the electoral campaign of seven candidates who are in good position.

For his part, Nabil Baffoun, president of the ISIE said the authority was clear in its response to Hechmi Hamdi, who asked for the transfer of money from abroad to the single account of the campaign.

However, according to the provisions of Article 80 of the electoral law, this transfer is considered foreign financing and as such, it is prohibited by law, said ISIE president.

However, he pointed out that it is possible for the person concerned, as a Tunisian citizen with funds abroad to transfer them to Tunisia, recommending that the candidate’s legal advisers find a solution to this issue.

Regarding the coverage of the presidential election by Al Mustakillah, Baffoun quoted Article 74 of the electoral law which states that the conditions of coverage are applicable to correspondents and offices of foreign channels, calling on the owner of the channel and presidential candidate to respect the principle of equal opportunities between candidates.

Source: Tunisia Africa Press


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